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Being passionate about dancing and wellbeing, I tried hatha yoga with a big curiosity back in 2008. Since then, I kept discovering it from different sides and dimensions – asanas, breathing techniques, various styles and yoga philosophy with a great help of books by B.K.S. Iyengar. Diving deeper into the yoga world, I completed a teacher training course and had my first teaching experience in 2015 in Moscow. In 2018, I travelled to India to study Ashtanga yoga in Mysore and got certified as a yoga teacher by Yoga Alliance International (RYT® 200). Yoga is a never-ending and exciting journey and if you are reading it, the first step is done! :)
The beauty of yoga is that it can suit and benefit each of us no matter where we live and how deep we get into the yoga world. You don’t have to move to ashram in Tibet to start feeling good, just find your teacher and some time to practice! You will feel better after each lesson – it is a fact.
I love practicing and teaching yoga flow and can’t wait to meet you. Tell me about yourself!



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Yoga flow

Yoga flow or vinyasa yoga is a smooth flowing practice when asana sequence is synchronized with breathing to help you release the tension and feel more connected to your body. Don’t worry if you are just beginning your yoga journey - strength and flexibility will come along the way if you allow yourself to enjoy regular practice. In each class, variations of yoga poses and pace of the routine are adjusted to the level of learners.
It’s all about developing the best in you and bringing new colors and dimensions in your life.

"A river cuts through rock, not because of its power, but because of its persistence"

James N. Watkins


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